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What happens when you find your calling in life? Miracles. Transformations. And maybe a little bit of Singing too. This film is about our great Joy and Passion- New York Vocal Coaching. And the honor we have in helping people all over the world to discover their Voices.

Welcome to Justin Stoney Voice Teacher where you will find information on Justin Stoney, one of New York’s leading Voice Teachers and Vocal Coaches.

Justin is the founder of New York Vocal Coaching, which is among New York’s most reputable studios and is home to some of the best voice teachers in NYC. New York Vocal Coaching's staff provide a wide range of resources for NYC singers, actors, musicians, and performers including voice lessons, vocal coaching, accompaniment, speech coaching, public speaking lessons, accent reduction, piano lessons, guitar lessons, monologue coaching, and much more.

Justin is very dedicated to every one of his students and is committed to helping them to reach their goals and dreams. His passion for teaching voice has even led to the creation of Voice Teacher Trainings, which give aspiring voice teachers the opportunity to discover and develop their skills as voice technicians.

If you would like to study singing, refine your vocal technique, prepare for auditions or recording sessions, or work to take your career to the next level, please contact our staff. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you success, prosperity, and joy on your vocal journey!

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"By my calculations, I took 220,752,000 incorrect breaths before I started to do it right. Slow learner, I know. I'd breathed the same way for forty-two years...then Justin Stoney gave me a lesson."

Esquire Magazine

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"I first met Justin in his capacity as an accompanist. I found out later he is a musical wizard. The results I've seen from his vocal coaching and voice lessons in performers who have worked with him have been remarkable."

Barry Moss, Broadway, TV, and Film Casting Director

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"I have 5 albums out and so I thought there was not much left for me to learn. But I was wrong because I met Justin! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. So fast! I wish I’d met him before!"

Jimena, Latin Pop Singer #1 Latin Billboard with the hit song "En Soledad"

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"Because of Justin’s precise knowledge of vocal technique, his broad understanding of acting and musical styles, and his insights into himself and others, he is beautifully equipped to nurture and teach the whole artist..."

Nancy Anderson, Broadway Actress, WONDERFUL TOWN, KISS ME KATE, A CLASS ACT

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"One word... GENIUS! If you are a singer in NYC, you need Justin in your life! If you are looking for someone who will help you develop your voice in a safe, effective way, look no further. He's the BEST!!"

Kellee Knighten,
Helen Hayes Award Nominated Actress

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"Justin Stoney is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to Justin I can truly say that I now consider myself a singer and am so happy to have gained the confidence and skill to practice this thing that I love."

Ella Dershowitz, Yale School of Drama

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"Justin Stoney is one my favorite coaches to refer people to because he is so consistently good at what he does. 100% of the clients I refer to Justin call me to gush about how great their time with him has been."

Aaron Hagan, One of New York’s Leading Voice Pedagogues, Voice Technicians, and Music Directors

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"Justin Stoney is a patient, caring and generous teacher whose technical knowledge can benefit a wide range of performers, from the basic beginner to the veteran performer."

Haila Strauss, NYC Dance Instructor, Winner Backstage Magazine Readers' Choice Award Best Dance Teacher

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"I highly recommend Justin for your coaching needs. He has always provided the needed insight for success when we have referred the actors we represent to his care."

Kevin Thompson, Theatre, TV, Film Manager

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"The first major strength of his teaching is his flexibility--the ability to tailor his teaching to your specific goals. He balances targeted technical training with activities that solidify and showcase your strengths."

Scott L., Professional Concert Dancer/Musical Theatre Performer

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"This is the best vocal instructor out there. He has been in the industry for years and his teaching methods shows it. If you're looking to drastically improve you singing abilities, he's your man."

Isfira A., Pop/Rock/R&B Singer

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"After a couple of sessions I have seen major improvements in my voice and my confidence. Justin is an amazing teacher...and I will recommend him to anyone out there wishing to explore their voice to its full potential."

Dali L., Musical Industry Professional/Student of Voice and Speech

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"In only a few lessons with Justin, he taught me more than I had learned in years of training. His passion for music really shines through and he infuses that passion into his students."

Kristen S., Musical Theatre Dancer/Singer

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"Justin gives straight-forward, clear instruction in a kind and compassionate way. He understands singers' individual needs and is well-versed in many different musical styles. "

Alena A., Theatre and Music Theatre Actress/Singer

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"Justin is a great, caring teacher who is constantly looking out for his students. He makes the atmosphere so light and entertaining and you learn and improve without realizing it.Best teacher ever, hands down!"

Catherine Y., NYU Student/Musical Theatre Actress

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"Justin Stoney is a great coach. He has a fantastic facility not only for acting and vocal technique, but he also has an extremely deep understanding of the best way to reach his students and get results quickly and effectively."

Olli H., Equity Actor and Music Theatre Performer

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